Nepali Animal Names in English

English names of Nepali animals

There are a large variety of Animals in Nepal. Because of the variance of climates in Nepal, there are different types of Animals. You may have come across these animals in your daily life or sometimes in the jungle. Some of us have grown with these animals. The cow is the national animal of Nepal. Hindu religion people worship cow as a goddess.

There are some endangered animals in Nepal too. Some of these are Red Panda, Snow Leopard, Bengal Tiger, etc.

We have generated the English Names of these animals.

Bull, Bullock, Ox, Fool, Idiot
Horse, Colt, Castle (chess)
Panther, Leopard
Female elephant
Porcupine, Hedgehog
Monkey, Agile or silly person
Bear, Whore (bad name for prostitutes)
Pig, Hog, Term of abuse