Nepali Medical Words

Nepali Medical Terms

We have gathered some of the Nepali medical terms that can be very helpful for you when you visit your doctor or you are trying to understand some of the Nepalese diseases. You will find a combination of a variety of medical terms used in Nepal as well as different kinds of disease names in the Nepali language. 

We will be adding new words every day to this list. You can bookmark this page for your future reference. Learn Nepalese medical words.

Auxiliary health workers
To hurt eyes, To catch eyes, To cause an eyesore
Intestines, Entrails, Bowels, Guts
Intestines, Entrails, Bowels, Guts
Sleep paralysis
To get sleep paralysis
Twisted leg, Sprained ankle
Insect that attacks banana, Disease causing bald patch
Cough, Coughing
To have a pain in gums
Sexual disease, Venereal disease
Chessman, Piece to be moved or stricken (chess carom), Ludo, Contagious disease of cattle
Feeling dizzy, Giddiness feeling
To itch, To have an itching sensation
Diarrhoea, Cholera, Loose motions
Female doctor, Female gynaecologist, Lady doctor
Oral rehydration salt, Powder dissolved and taken as a remedy to diarrhoea
Fever, Temperature
Tb, Tuberculosis
Pock marks, Chicken pox
Breath, Respiration, Power, Courage, Asthma, Air, Wind
Asthma disease
Teeth grinding, Bruxism
Teeth grinding, Bruxism
White leprosy, White mark over a part or whole of body
Blood vessel, Vein, Nerve, Sinew, Thews
Eye lashes
Coryza, Chronic cold
To have coryza, To suffer from chronic cold
Iron deficiency (disease), Lack of iron
Outdoor patient department, Opd
Rheumatoid arthritis