Nepali Herbs, Spices in English

Nepali Herbs and spices in English

Here are some of the popular Nepali herbs and spices. We are listing the English name of some of the Nepali herbs and spices.

There are many types of herbs and spices in Nepal. Most of them we use every day. Herbs and spices are part of Nepali lives. When we grew up we always tasted these herbs or spices in our kitchen but never realised the real benefit of them. 

Many Nepalese don't speak English and it can get very hard to know what these herbs and spices are called in English. Nepalese living in abroad countries must know the English name of these herbs for the normal routine of their lives.

We have tried to cover all of these Nepali herbs in English in this article. We will be listing them as we go. If you don't see what you are looking for then please send us an email and we will add them instantly.  

Tea leaves, Tea dust
Aromatic perennial herb, Nardostachys
Tibetan spice
Cumin or cumin seed
Caraway seed
Timut pepper
Sesame, Sesamum seed
Basil, Sacred plant, A form of goddess laxmi
Mustard seed, Mustard plant
Coriander, Cilantro
Coriander seed, Cilantro seed
Neem, Margosa, Margosa tree
Digestive herb
Nagalia putranjiva (seeds and bark used as medicine)
Mint, Thyme, Pennyroyal
Black pepper
Garlic, Species of diamond
Fennel seeds