Nepali Relationship in English

Nepal is a culturally rich country and it has many relationships. One of the significances of the rich culture is Nepal's pride in respect. As a Nepali, it is very important which word you use while addressing someone. For example, to refer someone "You" is very simple in English but not in Nepali. In Nepali, you could use more than 2 ways to refer someone, ie. "Ta", "Tapai", "Uhan", "Hajur". All of these carry different levels of respect.

Mother, Woman, Address for an elderly woman, Mom
Younger paternal uncle, An address to a senior or elder
Wife of younger paternal uncle, Aunt, Auntie
Daughter, Girl, Woman, Female
Brother in law, Husband's elder brother
Brother in law, Wife's elder brother
Sister in law, Wife of husband's elder brother
You, Sixteenth consonant of devnagari script
Husband's younger brother, Brother in law
Wife of husband's younger brother, Sister in law
Husband of younger sister's husband, Brother in law
Uncle, Husband of father's sister
Grandmother, Grandma, Granny
Grandpa, Paternal or maternal grandfather
Dad, Father, Papa
Daughter in law
Niece, Brother's daughter
Sister in law, Younger brother's wife
Nephew, Son of sister
Niece, Sister's daughter
Brother in law, Husband of elder sister
Short for bhinaju, Elder sister's husband
Aunt, Wife of mother's brother
Uncle, Mother's brother
Father in law
Brother in law, Wife's sister's husband
Mother in law
Sir, Respectable address
Grandmother, Grandma, Granny, Grannie